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15 Simple Questions you should ask yourself about the Pump offered by others & before buying the Cheapest Pump.

If you overlap these 15 questions and your answers against our KEENLY PRICED Pumps of same performance and ONLY THEN PLEASE make your purchase decision !


1. Are you familiar with the quote “ Apple Vs- Orange “ and what that means ?

2. Would you agree that The Queen Mary & a Canoe are the same thing ? – well they are BOTH Boats ! ( and so are Water Pumps called the same thing as each other… BUT ! )

3. If you were at your local Butchers store or Supermarket & for the same or very similar Money spend would you prefer to take a RIB-EYE Steak over the poorer grade Stewing Steak ? 


  The future has arrived


4. Would you agree that QUALITY is NOT necessarily Expensive - BUT IT SURE as HELL IS PRICELESS !

Why pay through the nose?

5. Be it at the same price - or very close to same price, or even if it only costs $20 more – would you agree having a 2 Year Warranty ( see our 1 + 1 Year Deal ) is so much better value than everyone offering same or similar Pumps and only a 1 Year Warranty ?

6. Are you aware many of our TOP SHELF QUALITY PUMPS are several hundreds of Dollars better priced when comparing quality, performance, warranties terms and length of time preferred etc. ?

7. Are you aware our BEST of Range of AQUATICA WATER PUMPS offer a 3 Year Warranty as they have the VERY BEST Roller Bearings and Mechanical Seals money can buy built into them ?

8. Are you aware that the AQUATICA Water Pumps Submersible Pumps are Independently Certified to meet and surpass AS/NZS 4020 for contact with drinking water ?

9. Have you read as yet where the Water Pumps AUS Management Team have been selling water Pumps to the domestic and commercial markets since 2005 and have served over 10,000 valued customers ?

10. Would you agree that having internal working / mechanical components such as Roller Bearings and Mechanical Seals upgraded in most Pumps replacing lesser cheaper quality is a huge plus & offers YOU a wonderful piece of mind having a longer Warranty for very little extra if any at all ?

11. If we offered you a Mercedes Benz for the same or similar money ( cost or spend ) to what a Toyota Camry might cost – would you strongly consider, if not take the Merc ?

12. Is “ Bang-for-Buck “ more important to you than a race to the bottom to buy the Cheapest Junky Pumps to throw away as they could well be useless after 1 Year - Thus the shorter Warranty Term of ONLY 1 YEAR by so many others selling CHEAP Pumps where the Pumps are specified & ordered to be manufactured & all built to the cheapest price they can and thus NO long warranty & so they have very limited or next to zero risk – BUT YOU DO ! Of course- any Pump will last 1 year – Gheeesh- it ain’t rocket science.

13. Is having FREE FREIGHT to the bulk of the Eastern States of Australia, all Populated Cities & Metro Regions and many Regional Towns all-inclusive and you not have “ BILL SHOCK “ upon check out important to you ?

14. Would you agree that if you were to walk up to a drain or a rubbish bin and throw a fist full of $50 notes down that drain or into that bin – that you might actually question yourself as to why ? .. and quite possibly be annoyed ? ( to put it politely )

15. Is dealing with a SECURE and TRUSTED website where your information, data and banking transactions are SECURE and you transacting the deal with a Company that will NEVER share your information with any 3rd Party EVER – important to you ?

Like most folks, if you answered YES to any of the 15 Questions above ( and most answer YES to 15 /15 ) – and particularly YES to #14, then you have certainly landed on the correct website to do business and allow us to please serve you and yours for sensation BANG-for BUCK 2nd to NONE !

We do acknowledge there might be better Companies, better Pumps but be prepared to throw cash away in the hundreds of, if  not thousands of dollars for something NO better- it’s just branding you are paying for really – please allow us to prove it.

We thank you and look forward to being of service real soon.

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