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When Bigger is not always Better when it comes to Water Pump Wattage


Bigger Wattage Water Pumps can cost more to run  Avoid Power Bill shock with large wattage Water Pumps 

Are Bigger Wattage Pumps really better or really needed ? Do you want a nasty dose of BILL-SHOCK ?

A Water Pump that can move a massive amount of Water per hour – like 6600 litres per hour or 110 litres per minute pumping Tank Water that is connected to gardens & lawn or inside the house with delivery to toilets and laundry etc. where the water flow is AUTO controlled by just opening a tap or flushing a toilet is OVERKILL for +95% of all Homes and simple applications. 

Surely you DON’T need a larger Pump into the 1500 Watt, 2000 Watt, 2500 Wattage arena or … Do you ?

We just want you to think about it first - you can have what you like – but be aware of costs long-term please.

Think of it as running 10 to 15 EXTRA 100 Watt light bulbs more than you really need !

All these oversized Pumps do ( that seem good at the time) is WASTE your power, load up your electricity bill and suck your rainwater tank dry of water in no time !

Please – before you buy another offering of “ a Larger Wattage Pump “ and think it’s a great Deal – ask yourself –

… DO I REALLY NEED IT and can I really afford to run it ?

It is like having a large thumping gas guzzling V8 motor in your Car when all you need is a simple 4 or 6 Cylinder to conduct your basic transport, basic chores, shopping needs etc.  

Again – please STOP to think and ask yourself before buying another Pump –

... DO I REALLY NEED IT, & DO I HAVE MONEY to WASTE RUNNING THE PUMP at such excessive Wattage usage – and as importantly ask the question also of yourself  …

…  Do I need to suck my Rainwater Tank dry in 20-30 Minutes and throw water around like there is no tomorrow ?

Is it really going to be OVERKILL & lead to OVER-BILL ? – BUYER BEWARE

Don't take our word for it, here is what our valued customers say:

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