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What is an AcquaSaver Mains Water Switching Device ?

AquaSaver Tank to Mains Water Switching Valves

Acquasaver price guarantee

These Mains Water Switching Valves are used to transfer between harvested Tank Water and Mains Water Feed once the Tank runs dry. 

These Mains Water to Tank Water and Back again switching devices are also known as Water Source Diversion Valves and Rain & Town to Mains changeover valves. 

When your Harvested Tank Water is connected to internal plumbing devices and appliances such as toilets, washing machines etc. allowance must be made for switching back – diversion back to the mains water feed in the case of limited or empty rainwater tank water supply or the failure of the pump or electrical blackout etc. Water switches may be of electronic or hydraulic operation - we strongly recommend you steer clear of any electronic version - they are problematic to put it politely.

In my Honest Opinion ( I.M.H.O ) any mains water switch relying upon electrical connection is problematic and prone to failure - DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ! 

Further looking at the valve below in the RED BOX with the RED X they are either plastic rubbish or a "FRANKENSTEIN VALVE" made up of components not unlike a madmans jigsaw puzzle - BUYER BEWARE !

This Transfer between Tank Water to Mains Water feed ( and back ) is usually achieved by:

  • A simple mains water top-up to ensure the tank is never empty – BUT please note this simple top up alone will not handle pump failure or electrical blackout.
  • A valve body in line so you can manually switch between tank water and mains water supply.
  • The most popular version by a long way is to install an automatic water switching device driven hydraulically and this can be installed in conjunction with an electronic controlled pressure pump

Automatic Mains Water Switches will swap the water supply to mains water when the tank water supply is insufficient or in the case of pump failure either due to power outage or pump malfunction.

We have tried them all, some  I.M.H.O are complete rubbish and a waste of money and full of warranty dramas.

Other valves are just way overpriced and dare we say a RIP-OFF due to you just buying “ a Brand “ get no more for your money and frankly the Rainbank unit by Davey has also had it’s very large share of complaints and warranty claims - with the Rainsaver Units now having complaints and warranty claims on replaced units that White International & Bianco Pumps will not honour as the original unit sale date strikes the start of the 2 Year Warranty period – screw that we say !

The brand BIANCO RAINSAVER I.M.H.O. is a notoriously frail Mains Water Switching Device and we strongly recommend you do not touch nor purchase it unless of course you have money and time to waste.

Pictures of the BIANCO RAINSAVER and RAINSAVER MK3e are shown below.

It happens to be the BIANCO RAINSAVER has surpassed the MK3 model, they went to and developed the MK4, the MK5 and the MK6. We ask... Why so many evolution's of the same crap ? -

Were they trying to fix a problem they knew they had ? BUYER BEWARE !

The BIANCO RAINSAVER MK3e Retails at $399 and I.M.H.O for a large piece of plastic drama with an electrical supplied solenoid valve and a floatswitch to the tank is just rubbish, where we proudly offer you so much more for less money. The AcquaSaver Valve is also know as a MaxiSAVE VALVE and also branded as a rebadged unit and known as WILO Water Widget is made of solid brass and comes with a Lifetime Warranty against its body.

It’s simple really folks, DO NOT buy the garbage ! I.M.H.O – stick with the AcquaSaver, a.k.a. AquaSaver a.k.a. AcquaSaver® Valve, the WILO Water Widget™ or the MaxiSAVE Valve, Aquasave-A2, Aquasave-A1, RM1500 Water Diversion Valve, RM1600-2 Water Diversion Valve, PMPACC-AS25MM, ACQUASAVE BB, ( all the same unit rebranded ) being made of solid brass, less moving parts, no screens to block, NO POWER needed, Float Less operation & with a Long solid Warranties and your money is best spent – that’s in our opinion only after selling over 500 units via our sister Company.

Don’t just take my word for it- see what others have to say in the public domain – general user chat forum on WHIRLPOOL -

Should you be seeking a new mains water switching valve to replace your failed P.O.S such as switches like the BIANCO RAINSAVERS, DAVEY RAINBANK, ONGA WATER SWITCH et al, in some cases you may also need an electronic pressure controller to automatically turn you pump on and off & we would be happy to help supply you with one, be it a 2.0 Bar starting pressure at a very good price to help save you even more money, and help remove your headache. 



Acquasaver Mains Water Switching Device comparison to lesser brands

Don't take our word for it, here is what our valued customers say:

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