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But it's made in China ! Well guess what - So is the device you are reading this on !

So it’s made in Asia ? –  & dare I say CHINA !

Respectfully, truthfully and with genuine heart & pleading - I sincerely ask you … if you think for a moment such power house brands like:

Davey Pumps  Grundfos Pumps DAB Pumps
Zenox Pumps ONGA Pumps-Pentair Claytech Pumps
Lorentz Pumps Lowara Pumps Orange Pumps


...and cheaper lesser brands such as and NOT limited to:

Maxijet Pumps Hyjet Pumps Bianco Pumpz
Waterboy Pumps ASC Pumps Commodore Pumps
ONGA- Pentair Bromic Pumps Giantz Pumps
Reefe Pumps by ASCENTO Protégé Pumps


You think or believe they are NOT made in Asia ? ( Korea, South Asian and primarily China in 99.99% of all Brands ) – by either having Pumps made for them in FULL ( O.E.M.) or in-major PART and then assembled offshore like only a small amount do – then I trust you will believe me when I say I have a DIRECT phone number to 3 of my best mates being The Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny & Santa Claus !

 Please- these powerhouse Brands are NOT here to tell you where their Pumps are made- they have Shareholders and Fat Cats to feed – all using your cash by selling you a thought – selling you a GROSSLY overpriced Pump of various qualities – they just forget to tell you that.

Why would they let the truth get in the way of a good cash grab & huge profits to feed their Greed Machine ??

DON’T be fooled by this B.S. please folks.  If still in doubt- click here – The DAB Divertron - ( same as the Claytech C6 & C7 Submersible Pumps ) a great Pump by all means and proof that QUALITY Pumps can & DO come out of China… but I.M.H.O this DAB Pump is at least $270-$300 OVERPRICED !

Download Water Pump Comparison Chart

Download Proof that DAB Water Pumps are made in China too



Whether we like it or not –  ASIA is here to stay ! 

Names like Toyota, Honda, Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, TESLA – just to name a few, can hardly be called JUNK ! and they are all made is Asia, specifically, Japan, South Korea and predominantly China.
Download Water Pump Comparison DAB Water Pumps are made in China too


Our quality water pumps are manufactured in Asia under OUR strict personal Management relationships with the most senior Factory Management and the President / Owners with personal visitation & regular Factory visits and work place agreements!

We are an Australian Company who employs Australians. Our profits stay here !

The reason why goods are made in Asia is that customers want QUALITY at affordable prices !

... and THAT IS WHAT WE PROUDLY DELIVER - Mercedes Benz & BMW QUALITY – all for the price of a Toyota Camry.

Another QUALITY example of Asian made, is this ...  Where is that Apple iPhone, which is sold in the HUNDREDS of MILLIONS made again ? ....  We rest our case !

High Quality Brand Name Motor Vehicles are also manufactured in China Mobile Devices including iPhones are made in Asia 


Some BMW and Mercedes Benz are made in China


Mobile Devices like the iPhone are also made in Asia 


You can obtain quality if you hunt for it and ask – and THAT’S what we here at WATER PUMPS AUS do !

Clients want QUALITY but not at double and sometimes triple the price, so we have our quality pumps made where the labour rate isn’t out of hand. ( again with workplace agreements in place - we don't use sweatshops )

I.M.H.O & In case you were unaware – the days of “junk & rubbish made in Asia” are long gone !

Did you know that Mercedes Benz & BMW are made in China ?

China now also have their own Commercial Aircraft Company to match Boeing & Airbus – believe us, we will never supply cheap rubbish !

kind regards, Mark Thomas

Apples and OrangesAt WATER PUMPS AUS we believe consumers just need to be treated FAIR & SQUARE without compromise EVER ! We certainly know how to compare like for like and we DO know the difference between an apple and an orange.

What we save by having our Pump Range manufactured across Asia is categorically passed on all the way along our supply chain. We make money by selling LOTS of GREAT PRICED QUALITY GOODS – all without an ounce of cutting corners or dollar pinching, causing quality to slip. We will not compromise on TOP SHELF QUALITY to save a lousy few dollars – NEVER !

YES – We know there’s still inferior & very poor quality products available from many places around the world & I note some do get imported into Australia and even sold around the Globe – BUT that’s NOT & NEVER WILL BE the importation and distribution game WATER PUMPS AUS deal in .. that supply chain and specific market is for “The Cowboys” who don’t care, said the founder, Mark. They just grab the consumers money without an ounce of concern for the Years ahead- they grab the cash & are GONE when it comes to warranty matters – PLEASE DO NOT RISK IT – we won’t, so why should you ?

It really boils down to a favourite saying of Mark’s and that is – QUALITY is NOT EXPENSIVE – IT’s PRICELESS !

 One of the many Asian water pump manufacturing plants used by Water Pumps Aus The “X” Series BMW being produced in CHINA


Water Pump Manufacturing Plant located in China


The “X” Series BMW is produced in CHINA


We love it when QUALITY can meet very fair pricing to our Customers where reasonable profit margins make it all worthwhile when selling on a bulk business model.

 When compared to quality of the standard of others, our QUALITY water pump products fall into the hands of the Consumer at most fair pricing and even save the consumer many Hundreds of Dollars without a single ounce of QUALITY COMPROMISE – then we have reached our goal “… said Mark.

Our true aim is to not just supply and work with perhaps one or two larger hand picked Businesses across Australia – yet our MAIN FOCUS is upon partnering with a vast and broad network of independent Home, Pool & Landscape related businesses who specialise in offering UPMARKET product options. We want to partner those Wholesale & Retail outlets & Businesses focused on growing and serving clients based around a WIN-WIN scenario.

WATER PUMPS AUS will align with Industry Bodies and Associations in support of them and their Members – in advising Members of QUALITY & aesthetically pleasing range of products – yet continue to bring to market the very latest in design of NEW Products – SECOND to NONE !

Don't take our word for it, here is what our valued customers say:

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