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BEST EFFICIENCY POINT - YEAH you say their Pump is Bigger

REALLY !... is a large Wattage Pump the BEST to buy ? ... more importantly - can YOU prove what is claimed as “ Wattage “ is actually true ?... Arrrh - so it costs a small fortune to pay for the power to run also- did you forgot that ?

YEAH you say - but their Pump on offer is “Bigger“ than yours – so it must be better performance ?!

Well if that’s your method of thinking that’s O.K.- but respectfully you are WRONG.

BIG is NOT better !- BIG costs a small fortune to run- for example the ongoing hourly running costs may well be VERY excessive for what you really need.

Pressure is one thing, flow is another- but just because it’s 1100 Watt or 1200 Watt DOESN’T MEAN it is efficient for you to use around your home and shed.

That said it should have good pressure and hi-flow, but is that what you need ?.. and is that what you are getting ?

Here is what you truly should be chasing :- It is called ( BEP ) or best efficiency point and this term is commonly used to describe the point at which a (BEP) centrifugal pump, jet pump, multistage pump et al. are operating at its highest efficiency, THAT IS - transferring energy from the prime mover to the system fluid with the least amount of losses…

Take for instance – why on earth would you want a thumping big V8 Motor to just take you to the local store once or twice a week to grab some groceries ?  

Now don’t get me wrong- I LOVE a nice V8 and that sound- but it’s a different thing when moving water to just water some pot plants, wash the house down, or wash the car and drive a sprinkler or 2.

MANY a Supercharged V6, a V6 Turbo or even many a 4 Cylinder Turbo Enhanced Engine can put out more GRUNT and overall performance than a stonking Big Block Chev.. its call design and technology – and the same applies to Water Pumps - be them Peripheral Pumps, Jet Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, Horizontal Multistage Pumps, Vertical Multistage Pumps, Submersible Pumps, Clean Water Pumps or Dirty Water Pumps etc. and the list goes on. 

Also – some Pump designs are good for “ Pushing Water “… as opposed to other Pumps that good at “ Sucking Water “… there is just NO-WAY a similar wattage Jet Pump Vs- a Horizontal Multistage Pump can do the same thing- so be careful when buying …  Wattage is NOT the necessary “ Key “ when purchasing a water pump.

So- the case is- just because you have a Big Block Chev powering your care- doesn’t mean it efficient !

The KEY POINT here is that BIG doesn’t mean EFFICIENT not to forget the ongoing power bill & maintenance costs – so our recommendation is take ALL into consideration as some 750 Watt -800 Watt Pumps due to design concept will be BETTER for you and save HEAPS of power per hour to run than many 1100-1200 Watt Jet Pumps or Horizontal Multistage Pumps.

BUYER BEWARE- Just because it’s a massive Pump doesn’t mean your perceived “saving“ at initial purchase isn’t about to be eaten up when using the said pump in MASSIVE power costs. 

Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean BETTER all round – or certainly better performance.

I.M.H.O. - what you should seek might you care is QUALITY and “Bang-for Buck“ for sure - but DON’T forget EFFICIENCY ( BEP ) and ongoing running & maintenance costs.

Further we recommend you ONLY deal with a reputable Company that doesn’t have the Factory in Asia claim on the pumps performance plate something that it IS NOT !

Trust me when I say NOT every 2200 Watt Pump – or 2500 Watt Pump are what is “ claimed “.

I mean WHO goes and gets a “ Watt Meter “ and checks on the electricity draw ?.. Yet again BUYER BEWARE !

There I said IT !    YES, there are pumps on offer across the internet that are NOT what they claim to be when it comes to claimed Wattage – so please don’t waste your money BUYER BEWARE !

For even more in depth information across a broad array of Water Pump & Pumping Information please CLICK HERE to read Energy Efficiency Best Practice Guide Pumping Systems - with all credit to and thanks to Sustainability Victoria and the Victorian Government for this valuable guide available online.

You may also wish to read "When Bigger is Not always Better when it comes to Water Pump Wattage"

As we say – QUALITY & HONESTY is NOT EXPENSIVE… - it’s actually PRICELESS !

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